Online Test

  1. Foreign currency which has a tendency of quick migration is called
    Scarce currency
    Soft currency
    Gold currency
    Hot currency
  2. Which of the following is a better measurement of Economic Development?
    Disposable income
    Per capita income
  3. In India, disguised unemployment is generally observed in
    the agriculture sector
    the factory sector
    the service sector
    All these sectors
  4. If the commodities manufactured in Surat are sold in Mumbai or Delhi then it is
    Territorial trade.
    Internal trade.
    International trade.
    Free trade.
  5. The famous slogan "GARIBI HATAO" (Remove Poverty) was launched during the
    First Five-Year Plan (1951-56)
    Third Five-Year Plan (1961-66)
    Fourth Five-Year Plan (1969-74)
    Fifth Five-Year Plan (1974-79)
  6. Bank Rate refers to the interest rate at which
    Commercial banks receive deposits from the public.
    Central bank gives loans to Commercial banks
    Government loans are floated.
    Commercial banks grant loans to their customers
  7. All the goods which are scare and limited in supply are called
    Luxury goods
    Expensive goods.
    Capital goods.
    Economic goods.
  8. The theory of monopolistic competition is developed by
  9. Smoke is formed due to
    solid dispersed in gas
    solid dispersed in liquid
    gas dispersed in solid
    gas dispersed in gas
  10. Which of the following chemical is used in photography?
    Aluminum hydroxide
    Silver bromide
    Potassium nitrate
    Sodium chloride